NCR Sets, Pads and Books

We are confident that we can save you money on your NCR sets, pads, books, invoices, statements, delivery notes and business forms. We understand that you may have had prices from your current supplier ….. reading this then you have taken the first step to see if you can save your company money.

Price Promise: In the unlikely event that you find cheaper prices for NCR printing – we want to know!

We will endeavour to beat any genuine price.

Our Difference

When you order your NCR printing from us you will talk to one of the family who will personally look after your order through to completion. Most of our business comes to us through recommendation and our reputation is built on good customer service and our business depends on satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Our advanced technology allows us to print NCR sets, pads and books in one operation, unlike a traditional flat sheet printer where several separate processes are involved.  This saving in labour allows us to pass cost-savings onto our customers.

We have been supplying NCR printing nationwide for more than 25 years.

Our prices are based on manufacturing in our own factory based in Worcestershire. We pride ourselves on being a British manufacturer, and we promise to keep our grass roots simple approach to NCR forms.

NCR Terminology

What is NCR? Using NCR paper means that when you write on the top sheet, impressions are transferred to subsequent sheets below (without the need for messy carbon paper). NCR stands for No Carbon Required.

What is Carbonless? The text you write on the first page is duplicated on the underlying pages by the pressure of your writing. The slight pressure of writing on the top sheet causes ink inside the underlying pages to rise to the surface creating a copy of your writing. This means that there is no need to use a carbon sheet to make the transfer hence the word Carbonless….

Our NCR Products

We supply NCR forms in four different formats: as separate NCR sets, glued in NCR pads, perforated and stapled into NCR books, or as continuous NCR forms. Any configuration of form we can tailor to your needs.

We can produce two-part duplicate, three-part triplicate, four-part quadruplicate.

More Options

If you do have a non standard requirement we can produce bespoke forms up to any number of parts.

Colours: NCR Paper comes in 5 colours White, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue. You can have any of these colours in any order.

Number of colours: From single spot colour to four colour process. Forms can be printed on the face and the reverse.

Desensitized Areas / Hatch Printed: We can desensitize areas on the form so duplication does not occur or we can print “hatched print” in areas on the form where you do not want the duplicated wording to be legible.
Finishing Services: We offer an array of NCR finishing services:

Numbering:  We can sequentially crash number in any position on your NCR forms. As part of the standard price we will sequentially number your business forms in black or red ink in one position on each form. The numbering ink is applied to the top copy of your set and the pressure of the number press makes a black impression on subsequent parts.

Perforating:  We can perforate in any position on the forms from a single perforation to multiple perorations please contact the sales team where we can discuss your bespoke forms.

Collating: Any number of parts can be put together, with NCR forms six-part would be the maximum.

Hole Punching: We can add file holes to any position on any part of the form with either 2 or 4 holes so they will fit in standard ring binders.

Wrap Around Writing Shields: These are writing shields that we attach to the pad or book so the writing shield will never go missing. Ideal for when using the forms out of the office (e.g. on site or out in vehicles).We can print instructions to face and reverse in spot colour to full colour.

Covers:  We can attach a cover to your pad or book. These can be plain or printed spot colours or full colour process (CYMK)

Gluing:   Glued sets are done on our JF Sheeting Press. Our jf sheeting press allows we to collate file hole, line glue, number, sheet all in one pass.

Get in Touch

Files we accept: We accept most file types and prefer PDF files

Design Service: If you would like us to design your NCR form please call us on 01527 575166 to discuss your requirements.